Television Anywhere

Watch television where you want it without the sacrifice*:

    On your big screen TV    

    On your phone or tablet    

    On your computer    

*Your local Video Service Provider must support usage of the Cordless Cable App


A Better TV Experience

Specifically designed for Cord Cutters & those tired of Cable Boxes - no matter how "advanced" they are supposed to be.

Simply sign up with your local Cable or Video Provider, download the App to any of your devices, and GO.

No Cordless Cable support in your area? Call your Video Service Provider now and demand Cordless Cable support!


Advanced Search Features

Searching for a specific channel? We have you covered with our in-line Channel Search feature.

Searching for a specific program? No problem with our top notch Program Search feature.

Wondering what the details about a specific program are? Check out our Program Details popup.


A Guide for the 21st Century

The Electronic TV Grid has been around since 1981. It's time for something better. Our experience lets you:

   See multiple days worth of guide info
   Go backwards in time in the guide
   See guide info only on the channels you want
   See guide info based on genre
   Surf the guide with a "Netflix-like" viewing experience


There is nothing like GoBack!

Having too much fun? Meeting ran over? Running late getting home on time? No worries!

Our patent-pending GoBack feature let's you go back in time up to 12 hours on any channel* and watch past programs without recording them beforehand!!!

*Feature may differ per Video Service Provider


Gain what you lost with other OTT Options

Cordless Cable does not compromise*:

  Turn the channel with your remote
  Fast forward through commercials
  Record your favorite programs
  Watch Video-on-Demand

*Services available will differ per Video Service Provider


Watch Cordless Cable Anywhere

We already have Apps for most of your popular devices, with more coming all the time.

   Android phones, tablets, & TVs (5.0+)
   Apple phones & tablets (10.0+)
   Cordless Cable Website
   Amazon Fire TVs
   Many Smart TVs


All images, channel logos, and program info below are copyright their respective owners; they are shown for reference only under "fair usage" rules to demonstrate functionality within the Cordless Cable App. We make no claims of endorsement in any way by the copyright holders. Actual channels and services available will vary, based on the Video Service Provider you sign with.

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app.cordlesscable.com_ (8)
app.cordlesscable.com_ (3)
app.cordlesscable.com_ (7)

Getting Cordless Cable

Check back often. New products and platforms are added frequently.

Phones, TVs, & Tablets

  Cordless Cable can be downloaded directly from Google Play on your phone or tablet. We support over 9,800 models.
In the App Store, search for cordlesscable

Phones & Tablets

  Cordless Cable can be downloaded directly from Apple App Store on your phone or tablet. We support all current and many past models.
In the App Store, search for cordlesscable

Fire Stick & Fire TV

  Cordless Cable can be downloaded directly from the Amazon App Store for your First Stick or First TV. We support all current and many past models.
In the App Store, search for cordlesscable

Many Brands & Models

Many Smart TVs are Android-based. Cordless Cable is already available for many of these TVs. Some TVs do not directly interface with Google Play; for these specific cases, we have begun to certify the Cordless Cable App for them. If your Smart TV does not list Cordless Cable as a downloadable App, check back later as we continue to expand our support.

If you would like your TV to be supported and have been waiting patiently, contact your Video Service Provider and request support. They will let us know about the request.

Devices Supported
Countries Available
Homes Available
Cost to You


Here are answers to some commonly asked questions.

Privacy Policy

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If there are any questions regarding this Privacy Policy you may contact us using the information below.


Your use of our Applications and web sites are considered acceptance of the Privacy Policy above. If you disagree with any of the above Privacy Policy provisions, you may uninstall our apps safely at any time and/or delete your account.

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